The Straits Trading Co Ltd is a trade-only company supplying “bricks and mortar” retailers and fully functioning websites. Please complete the form below to register for a customer account. On approval, you will be emailed a password allowing you to view prices and place orders.

Please note; we do not offer drop shipping and deliver goods using pallets.

Minimum order begins at £250 plus VAT. For more details, including orders to Ireland – Click here.

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Please ONLY submit the form above if you are a ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer or if you have a fully functioning multi-channel website.

Websites must:

  • Be fully functional with secure payment facilities
  • Be professionally formatted with a varied and suitable product mix
  • Not be primarily selling as part of an online market place (e.g. etsy, eBay, Amazon)
  • Not be solely based on a social media platform (e.g. Facebook page or group)
  • We do not offer drop shipping. 

We do not allow sales through; social media (including groups), pop-up markets and craft fairs, online market places or auction sites, rented shelves within another store, or shops that are within a residential address.  Please note, if sufficient information isn’t provided on your application you may not be successful. Please be sure to include your shop address and/or full website address.

References will be taken from a credit agency or from the trade references. All of your company and personal data will be held for the duration of the trading period and up to 10 years thereafter. Our privacy policy detailing how we process any personal data can be found HERE.  If you are an existing customer you do NOT need to register. Please contact our customer service team on 01254 300 260 or at sales@straitstrading.com and we will activate your account. 

We aim to respond to successful registrations within 48 hours but this may take longer during our busiest periods