Lighting by Sleep Sakes

The Sleep Sakes lighting range contains - an acrylic lamp set with each box boasting two interchangeable character acrylic plates. A white LED in the base lights up the character outline to make a friendly night light.  

LED string lights which have a textured plastic casing to give a glittery effect. Cute and cosy!

The Sleep Sakes Projector and Night Light has a huge range of settings and includes a frosted lid which blocks the projection to create a glow lamp as required.

The night light has white, red, green and blue LEDs, which can be combined or chosen individually, as well as, the option of a twinkling setting where the coloured LEDs fade on and off in turn. The projector also has a rotating function to help to comfort and relax with a magical light show 360° around the room. The lamp projects a beloved Sleep Sakes character along with stars and the moon.